SUBLIME ORIGINAL is an extraordinary collection of furniture, art, and covetous objects—tokens and testaments of our wanderlust, the rare things we could not bear to leave behind.  

We seek enclaves of originality and forge partnerships with elegant renegades. We pursue the untapped haunts of the artsy undercover- where precarious footpaths are the preferred route, where communities have sustained themselves over time, dedicated to the care-taking of land and resources. We celebrate stories of the sea, the land, and the sky.

We celebrate great design, a lifelong quest for the extraordinary, where each piece is part of a rare and exemplary collection of furniture and art, soulful, simple and utilitarian, uniquely modern, striking silhouettes. 

With modernist roots and minimal aesthetics, Sublime Original debuts three furniture collections: Modern Dutch, Primitive Modern and Sugar Cane. Mastery and proportion are merged with meticulous craftsmanship. We create original pieces that transcend trends, surprise in the purposeful, sophisticated dichotomy of modern shapes and ancient methods. Each piece is sanded smooth to a polished sheen or silvered with patina and salt air. 

We know the carvers, the makers, the partners and their patrons. We adore their handiwork, their traditions, their textures- and chiefly, their mutual adoration for the Sublime and the Original.